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FotoJet is an intuitive tool to help you create all types of collages in three quick and easy steps. You just have to find the pictures you want to use and follow the instructions. There are loads of ways to customize your collage and you won't have to download any software along the way.

To start, just choose a template from the huge collection provided by FotoJet, which includes categories like modern, classic, art, vacation, 3D, and creative. You'll find ones that work for birthday parties, Father's Day, weddings – there's a template for every type of event. Before you make your final selection, remember you can't change the layout of the elements, just insert your pictures in the slots.

Once you've chosen a design, double-click to open it and view which parts can be customized. All the designs have slots for both text and pictures, and some have extra elements that aren't noticeable at first. To insert the pictures, just import them from your hard drive and drag them to where you want them one by one.

Keep in mind that FotoJet doesn't let you change the sizes of any of the elements, but you should be able to come up with a good composition between the templates and your pictures as long as they're not too small. Once you finish editing the text and images, you'll be able to save your finished collage and share it on social networks. Just tag friends in all your best photos and share them over any app you want.
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